RAMOLA D REPORT 85 – neurotech, nanotech, biorobotizing

Lot of strange stuff happening to the woman interviewed here. I can only say something about my experiences. Sometimes thinking if nanotech/nanochips/neurotech/whatever exists because it feels like they can target different parts of my body. When i drive my internal organs are burned, when i feel like im tortured at home its usually the same spot on the left side in my brain, the same spot is targeted sometimes when driving too (and sometimes these spammers/fake profiles know it immediately, how weird is that?), then theres been these feelings that suddenly you cant breath, suddenly your heart stops, suddenly your legs go numb,  etc. And if you go to doctor in Helsinki or Rovaniemi, everything is normal? Makes you think what the f*** is going on, am i a guinea pig for military black ops and government? And if nanotech/chips exist isnt it easier to put them to vitamin pills/other meds than to vaccine syringes?

Its always strange to watch stories of targeted individuals because you always think are they really targeted or are they crazy or are they fake.

And there was talk about U.S veterans too, going crazy, committing suicides… seen many writing that they are targeted too.

Author: vesalahde

droning earth compilations, cover art, experimental music, music videos.

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